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Basilur Tea Luxury Wooden Presenter 3 in 1


Basilur offer a fine collection of these wood boxes with an unmatched series of Basilur metal tin caddies which complement each other so well. This wooden presenter features products from our Island of Tea collection.

Island of Tea "Green" - T.Caddy 100gr. Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon green tea from the higher elevations (high grown) of Ceylon.

Island of Tea "Gold" - T.Caddy 100gr. Ingredients:100% Pure Ceylon black leaf tea, no additives.

Fruits & Flowers "English Rose/Dimbula" - T. Caddy 100gr. 

This combination creates a mesmerizing tea blend which offers an aroma that feels like you just received a dozen of roses from a loved one.From the misty mountains of Ceylon’s western slopes comes this exquisite leaf. Traditionally known as Ceylon’s answer to a perfect English tea, Basilur Dimbula tea is a golden colour with a delicate flavour and unique bouquet to make this one of the world’s finest.
75g+50g loose/leaf tea packed into a foil pouches with zipper lock and then into a beautifully crafted metal tins designed by Basilur.

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