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Pure Chocolate goodness: Tipson’s unique combination of black tea and chocolate will elevate your regular hot chocolate to a whole new level. Every sip will tantalize your taste buds whilst satisfying your love for chocolate. This tea is every chocolate lovers dream and a match made in heaven.

Pure Ceylon Black Tea: At Tipson, we source the finest Ceylon Tea by carefully assessing a wide range of tea estates in Sri Lanka. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver one of the shortest lead time between the tea leaves being plucked, and the tea being packed. We follow a manufacture to order system which translates to the freshest cup of tea.

Just add Milk: Easy to make and completely customisable! Just add milk, and you have a delicious tea latte! Enjoy Tipson's Latte hot & steamy or enjoy cold over ice, mix in extra concentrate, add some honey, sweetener, or vanilla. Satisfy your latte cravings however you see fit!

Brewing suggestions: To get the most out of every cup, bring water to boiling and steep for 4 to 6 minutes. We recommend you consume Tipson's Latte Tea hot!

Packaging: 30 string & tag tea bags.

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