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"Four Seasons" - Assorted Tea 40 Envelopes



Basilur’s Four Seasons assorted gift box is a celebration of each hopeful season, reminding you the joys of the seasonal changes, the many flavours of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each blend of tea will leave you cozy, warm, refreshed and energized through each changes of time. A beautiful gift to be presented during any time of the year, representing the bond, friendships and respect you hope to convey with the gift giving. An assortment of world’s finest teas, perfect for gifting to friends and family to compliment every season of the year.

"Winter Tea Pure Ceylon black tea(96.50%) and flavour cranberry.(3.50%) Spring Tea -Pure Ceylon green tea (97.00%)and flavour cherry.(3.00%) Summer Tea -Pure Ceylon green tea (96.50%) and flavour wild strawberry.(3.50%) Autumn Tea - Pure Ceylon black tea (96.50%) and flavour - maple flavour(3.50%)."

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