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Basilur Tea Capsules - "Sencha Green Tea" 10 capsules



Packaging: 10 capsules 

Ingredients: 100% pure Ceylon green tea, no additives.

Swiss-patented microfiltration provides an excellent taste and a beautifully clear brew. Reducing the brewing time by 90-Percent, Basilur Tea capsules are Nespresso machine compatible. So now you are able to enjoy a fresh cup of tea with a touch of a button, convenient and hassle-free. 

Sencha Green Tea is characterized by its mellow, pleasant flavor and rich yellow color, achieved by gently steaming the leaves immediately after picking. The handpicked tea leaves have been carefully processed and packed into these capsules securing its antioxidant properties & high quality. Smooth & mild, this healthy brew can be consumed all day through which is now presented in an individually foil wrapped tea capsule.

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